Magic Wand large - Dragon Element Water

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- Height: 35 cm - Width: 3 cm - Depth: 4 cm - Material: Cold Cast Resin - hand painted -... more
- Weight approx: 0.12 kg

- Height: 35 cm
- Width: 3 cm
- Depth: 4 cm
- Material: Cold Cast Resin
- hand painted
- Attention: Not a Toy - Cold Cast Resin is not unbreakable

Discover the mystical allure of the 35 cm Dragon Water Element Wand, a masterful blend of magic and the elemental power of water. This wand, entirely decked in shades of blue, represents the deep connection between the dragon's might and the fluidity of water.

A Masterpiece of the Water Element: 35 cm Dragon Wand

Crafted from high-quality resin, the Dragon Water Element Wand is a testament to both durability and mystical elegance. Measuring 35 cm, it's designed for balance and grace, making it ideal for practitioners who value precision in their magical workings.

Mystical Wand in Blue: Dragon Power and Water Energy

The wand's captivating blue hues symbolize the depth and serenity of water. This color palette is not just visually striking but also imbued with the essence of water's calming and healing properties, making it a powerful tool for spells and rituals associated with emotional balance and intuition.

Dragon Wand of Resin: A Tribute to the Water Element

The shaft of the wand, covered in detailed dragon scales, adds a tactile dimension to its magic. This textural design enhances the user's connection to the wand, allowing for a more intuitive flow of magical energy.

The Dragon Head Wand: Mystical Water Symbols

At the pinnacle of this exquisite wand is a dragon's head, complete with an emblem featuring a water symbol. This emblem, nestled in the dragon's mouth, serves as a focal point for channeling water's elemental power, aiding in spells of purification, healing, and emotional clarity.

In conclusion, the 35 cm Dragon Water Element Wand is not just a tool but a work of art. Its combination of aesthetic beauty, elemental symbolism, and practical design makes it a must-have for magic enthusiasts and collectors alike. Whether used in ritual or displayed as a centerpiece, this wand is sure to enchant and inspire.

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