Delivery Times

The list below contains the delivery times for shipments outside of Germany; these should be added to the max. delivery times of each individual item.

Country Additional Delivery Time In Days
Austria 1
Belgium 1
Bulgaria 4
Croatia 3
Cypress 9
Czech Republic 2
Denmark 2
Estonia 3
Finland 4
France 2
Greece 3
Hungary 3
Ireland, Republic of 4
N. Ireland 3
Italy 2
Latvia 3
Lithuania 4
Luxembourg 2
Malta 5
Netherlands 1
Norway 8
Poland 2
Portugal 3
Romania 7
Slovakia 2
Slovenia 2
Spain 4
Sweden 2
Switzerland 1
United Kingdom  6

Note: If you order more than one item with different delivery times, we will collate the items and ship the order as one, unless otherwise arranged. In this case, the shipping times will be calculated according to the item with the longest delivery time.

Information about the calculation of the delivery date:

With advance payments, the official period of delivery begins the day after the payment order has been made to the remitting bank. For other instant payment options, the delivery time starts on the same day and concludes on the last day of the estimated period. If this last day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or other – nationally recognized - public/bank holiday, the last day of the delivery period will be extended to the next working day.