Box Bat - Nosferatu

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- Height: 8 cm - Width: 14,5 cm - Depth: 13 cm - Inside: H: 4,5 cm / W: 11 cm / D: 8 cm -... more
- Weight approx: 0.73 kg

- Height: 8 cm
- Width: 14,5 cm
- Depth: 13 cm
- Inside: H: 4,5 cm / W: 11 cm / D: 8 cm
- Material: Cold Cast Resin
- hand painted

Embrace the mysterious allure of our Nosferatu-Inspired Bat Boxes, a perfect blend of gothic charm and practical storage. These boxes are not just for keeping treasures; they're a nod to the iconic Nosferatu theme, beloved in gothic and vampire lore.

Nosferatu Inspired: Bat Box for Gothic Enthusiasts

Our Nosferatu-inspired bat boxes are designed for those who cherish the darker, more mystical side of art. Each box features intricate bat designs, invoking the eerie yet captivating essence of Nosferatu. These boxes are ideal for storing your precious keepsakes, jewelry, or even mystical trinkets.

Unique Bat Box in Nosferatu Style

These bat-themed boxes are more than just a storage solution; they're a piece of art. The Nosferatu style is elegantly captured, making each box a stunning addition to any gothic collection or as a standalone piece for your home decor.

Whether used as a jewelry box, a holder for tarot cards, or simply as a decorative piece, these boxes add a touch of mystery and elegance to any setting.

Mystical Storage: The Nosferatu Bat Box

The Nosferatu bat box is crafted with attention to detail and quality, ensuring a durable and aesthetically pleasing item. The bat motifs and gothic elements are seamlessly integrated, making it a perfect gift for fans of gothic art, vampire lore, or anyone who appreciates unique, handcrafted items.

In conclusion, our Nosferatu-inspired bat boxes offer a unique way to bring the gothic elegance of the vampire legend into your home. They are perfect for those who appreciate the blend of functionality, artistic design, and a touch of the mystical in their decor.

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